Labadieville Cemetery
Assumption Parish, Louisiana

This information was graciously donated by the David Family.

Carmelite Foret
Wife of Octave Himel

Jean Berthelot
Husband of Louise Rousseau
Died May 1891 at age 76

Louise Rousseau
Died April 1867 age 42 years

Augustin Berthelot
Died January 1885 age 20 years

Elizabeth Blanchard
Wife of Joseph Arceneaux
Died October 16, 1882 age 42 years

Maurice R. Boudreaux

Jean Pierre Boudreaux
Died August 28, 1858 age 58 years

Mrs. Widow Pierre Boudreaux
Died April 18, 1878 age 75 years

Rosema Junot
Wife of Malere Boudreau
Died April 25, 1865 age 25 years

Mr. & Mrs. John Boudreaux
No dates

Joseph Delaune
Died November 12, 1858 age 39 years, 4 days

Azelie Boudreaux
Wife of Joseph Delaune
Died January 5, 1887 age 60 years, 5 months, 24 days

Telese Boudreaux
No dates

Henry A. Blanchard

J. B. Blanchard and Family Tomb
No dates

F. O. Boudreaux
No dates

Emile Blanchard and Family Tomb, 4 vaults
No dates

Ernest Boudreaux
Co. C, 1st LA, Hv. Arty, C.S.A.
No dates

Margus Bourg Family Tomb, 4 vaults
No dates

Emile Blanchard
Died February 27, 1899 age 39 years 5 months

Marie Blanchard
Died January 6, 1900 age 78 years 5 months

Gregoire Blanchard
Husband of Carmelite Arceneaux

Carmelite Arceneaux
Wife of Gregorie Blanchard

Mrs. Justilien Gros
nee Boudreaux

Justilein Gros
Husband of Boudreaux

J. Boudreaux
No dates

D. Ursin Bourg
Died November 22, 1894 age 70 years

Lorinda Boudreaux
Died December 7, 1925 age 30 years

O. Lever Boudreaux
Died April 4, 1935, age 82 years

Ellis Bourg

Mrs. S. Blanchard
Died November 12, 1934 age 70 years

Mrs. Eugene Foret
Died November 10, 1929 age 81 years

Marie Louise Boudreaux
Emile Foret
Died August 5, 1987, 97 years

Daughter of Eugene Foret
No dates

Eddie Blanchard
Died October 19, 1918 age 20 years

Henry Pitre
No dates

Rousell Family Tomb
No dates

Josephine Rousseau
Wife of F.O. Himel
Died April 20, 1867 age 37 years

Eliska Himel
Daughter of F.O. Himel and Josephine Rousseau
Died July 13, 1863, 16 years

Willie L. LeBlanc
Died November 23, 1929, age 20 years

Boudreaux Fmaily Tomb and Sylvere Family Tomb combined
No dates

George Joseph Blanchard
Husband of Eunice Cortez

Gustave Blanchard
Died October 24, 1929 age 65 years

Levi Boudreaux
No dates

J. Boudreaux Tomb
No dates

Celestine Blanchard Tomb
No dates

A. LeBlanc

Josephine Bourg

Ernest C Boudreaux Family Tomb
No dates

Dennis P. Boudreaux

Judy Boudreaux
Wife of Desire Thibodeaux

Desire Thibodeaux
Husband of Judy Boudreaux

Octave Boudreaux

Telese Boudreaux
No dates

This is not a complete record of this cemetery as many of the graves had no markers.

This cemetery list was recorded in 1935.

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